62 German, Amateur, Posing, Deutsche, Teen, MDH videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online! 1920x1080 Halli Hallo, mein Name ist Anne, ich bin gerade 19 geworden und mittlerweile wohne ich in meiner lieblingsstadt Köln, in einer kleinen Wohngemeinschaft. Als Studentin kann ich mir gerade zwar noch nichts Großes leisten, aber Hauptsache von zu Hause raus! Ach so, sollte es dich interessieren, ich studiere Sozialwissenschaften im ersten Semester. Vielleicht merkst du es schon, für mich ist gerade so ziemlich alles noch etwas neu... Da ich auch eher so das schüchterne Mädchen von nebenan bin, ist das doch alles ziemlich aufregend für mich... Hello, my name is Anne, I just turned eighteen and I'm still fresh here. I left home a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, I live near Erfurt in my own small apartment. As a student, I can not afford anything big, but the main thing at home! Oh well, if you're interested, I'm studying media and business psychology in the first semester. Maybe you'll notice, for me, just about everything is still very new ... Since I'm also rather the shy girl next door, it's all pretty exciting for me ... I think I'll just tell you a little bit about me, then you'll get to know me. So at school I was a cheerleader, I do not do that quite so professionally, with tournaments and stuff like that, but when I hear a cool song on the radio, I'm going to do one or the other moves again. As a **** I really wanted to become a dancer and I have not quite given up this dream. I think you have to have dreams in life, otherwise it sometimes seems too bleak. I have never had any really good experiences with men since my earliest. why I'm so reserved and a little shy about men at first. Sex was always a taboo subject in my family, it simply did not exist. If it was unavoidable that I had to do something with boys, for school or something, it was only under the supervision of my mother at the kitchen table. That was sometimes quite annoying and I think that maybe because of my lack of contact with boys as a **** and adolescent and being so far away from anything that had anything to do with sex, now where I go through the excerpt and the beginning of my studies a new way of life, also curiosity feel like trying out what I've missed all these years. Now you know me already a bit. If you like, you can write to me or something, then I can get to know you a bit. I'm looking forward. Anne.