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334 Amateur, Solo, Masturbation, Toys, Female Orgasm, Lesbian, Erotica, Dirty Talk, Posing, Teen, Lingerie, Pussy, Babe, Booty, Softcore, Outdoor, Shower videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online! Young ladies, showing invention and skill, bring themselves to a real orgasm. I Feel Myself is an artistic and intellectual approach to the female orgasm. This sister site to the remarkable I Shot Myself is also a mixture of home made member submissions as well as produced videos to make up its content. IFeelMyself is molded solely around the representation of female orgasms. The reactions during these orgasms, how they are achieved, and how they feel afterwards. This thoughtful site is unlike any other. I Feel Myself is another site from the Australian based ISM collective that puts true control over adult content back into the hands of true amateurs. This is an altogether more definitely focused site though, focusing completely on how various (usually VERY attractive) women react to having an orgasm before, after and during the event. Quite rightly, the site opts totally for video content - photo galleries really wouldn’t do this type of thing much justice. The videos themselves are largely quite short. They are usually between 4 and 10 minutes in length, and that is really as much as they need to be in terms of length. There are other videos here made by the participants that delve into other subject matter, but it is the main area of this site’s focus that is the most interesting. A lot of the content is studio-based and shot from similar angles (many from directly on top – I suppose you could call it ‘ceiling view’) and has an excellent sheen to it that is not too much to detract from the action. Remember that famous scene from the romcom When Harry Met Sally when Meg Ryan's character fakes an orgasm in a busy restaurant, prompting a woman nearby to tell her waiter, "I'll have what she's having!" Well, imagine how many people want what the I Feel Myself girls are having because every single orgasm on the menu is 100% real! Read on to find out what else makes this collection unique. Female orgasms are the stars of the show in hundreds of videos sent in by real women including students, moms and amateurs with one common goal: showing you their best orgasm faces. Find out more about your favorites in the interview section or use the forum to talk to other members. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy the orgasmic ride and daily video updates. The philosophy behind I Feel Myself is that mainstream pornography, mainly produced by men, often degrades female sexuality, with porn stars having fake orgasms and being all dolled up. This unique collection aims to celebrate the beauty of female pleasure in a constructive, honest and personal way, with a focus on natural O-faces. These are real women having real orgasms. IFeelMyself is often described as an indie porn site. These aren't models hired to make porn - these are true amateurs from all walks of life who want to be part of something different by sharing their erotic experiences with the world. The shoots are artsy with a focus on light and shadows, colors and composition, with some self-shot by the girl. All body types are represented, with the models ranging in age from 18 all the way to 50. Some are more alternative, some are hippie chicks and others are girls-next-door masturbating to orgasm. You'll also see sensual and romantic lesbian loving under Friends. Since there's no traditional model index, simply click on the girl's nametag on the video page to access her recorded bio and other fun facts that let you get to know a genuine artist.The philosophy and general approach of I Feel Myself is so unlike anything I have ever come across in adult entertainment before, that I am left wishing that all sites could be as thoughtful as this. The site has also shown very good growth since our last review thanks to regular and frequent updates. It’s uniqueness will certainly put some people off, and others may find the site to have an overtly naval-gazing feel to it. But this original and groundbreaking site is admirable in so many ways and is a creative vision on the verge of total fulfillment.