149 HD videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online! I’m Lucy and as if you hadn’t already guessed, I adore latex. From a very young age I have always enjoyed wearing skin tight clothing… starting first with lycra, then shiny pvc, until finally exploring latex! I just love the way it stretches over my curves and contours my body!! Who can possibly resist the feel, beautiful aroma and the sexy tightness of shiny latex? It makes me feel so incredibly sexy to be completely encased in layers of shiny rubber. Wearing latex is a very sexual thing for me…especially when combined with bondage, fucking and playing with my toys! Catsuits and hoods are my favourites, but I’ll wear pretty much anything as long as it’s tight and shiny. I also love to wear tight corsets and very high heels (especially ballet boots!). For that extra thrill, I wear my latex underneath my ‘everyday’ clothing which gets me incredibly wet and horny!