Alexa Tomas & Jimena Lago (4K UHD)


As episode three of “House of Dreams” begins, Jimena Lago finds herself naked on the couch but for a pair of black high heels and an eye mask. Taking the blindfold off, the leggy brunette discovers a pair of tiny panties and a leather collar on the mantelpiece and puts them on. Sliding her mask back over her eyes she gets down on hands and knees. Alexa Tomas arrives, looking sensational in a white basque, stockings and heels. She puts Jimena on a leash and walks her pet around the room, Jimena’s skimpy panties sliding right up between her outer labia. She’s been a naughty doggy and has to crawl up onto her mistress’ lap to get her peachy bottom spanked. Alexa takes her time administering the punishment, making sure each slap is harder than the last, disciplining Jimena until her ass is red and sore. Mistress Alexa removes her pet’s mask, slides her G-string aside and sinks a finger into Jimena’s pussy, finger-banging her fast, as reward for her pet’s willing subordination. But now Mistress wants her own needs met. She strips and sits with legs spread, bringing her pet to kneel between her legs and eat her sweet pussy. Jimena kisses and sucks, lapping at Alexa’s wet hole. She knows what her mistress likes, sliding two fingers into her and watching her face to ensure that she’s meeting her high expectations. Alexa wants to see how Jimena looks sucking cock, so she pushes a dildo into her mouth, getting it thoroughly spit-lubed. She drives the dildo into Jimena’s pussy, making her writhe as she fucks her hard. Thoroughly satiated, Jimena is dismissed when her mistress is done with her

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