Alexa Tomas & Lena Love (HD)


Michelle’s pre-wedding liaison with sexy Alexa Tomas has left her – and her fiancée Lena – in a state of high arousal. As Lena fingers Michelle to a heated orgasm, both are fantasizing about this new third person in their relationship. Now Lena wants to experience it for herself, and arranges her own encounter with Alexa. Both women look elegant in heels and tight dresses as they meet, kiss and begin to touch each other. Alexa strokes Lena until she’s gasping with excitement, and then the hot blonde eats and fingers Alexa from behind, thrusting a thumb in her ass to push her over the edge. Lena straddles Alexa’s face to get licked, then eats her to an even more intense climax. Back home, Michelle is masturbating to Alexa’s images again, unaware that she is with her fiancée.

HD | MPEG-4 | 987.8 MB | 00:33:13