Camille Crimson & Clara Lawson (HD)


This is something different. Not something that we’ve never done before, but it does feel special and new this time. Look at her. Clara’s beautiful. She came to us and it all happened so quickly. One minute I had a little message waiting me from a beautiful and curious woman, then we met up just to see if we had a connection and now here we are, having our menage à trois. Sometimes everything falls into place and you meet a person who knows exactly what it’s like to have a drive for sensuality.

There’s such an intense desire to show her what I know, to pass along my passion for beautiful blowjobs, using you as the perfect canvas for our art. I want to explore our connection, just kissing her soft lips and stroking her hair, sometimes pausing to look into her big brown eyes. This collaboration is based on attraction, playfulness and a love for what we do. Everything feel sweet but tinged with a kind of deep eroticism. It’s really amazing.

Sometimes I just watch her sucking you, marvelling at how she picks up my little nuances, but also breathes life into them with her own style. Then she watches me, seeing how well I know your cock and how much I know about giving a sensual blowjob. Then, there are times when I look up at you, caught in the moment and loving every sensation. I want you to feel this pleasure, to experience two mouths on your cock, both so deeply aroused by giving blowjobs and by each other. As you come for us, straight into my mouth, we give you knowing glances and turn to each other to share a cum-filled kiss.

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