Candee Licious – Sex Is Her Favorite Sport – Blonde’s Sexercize Routine (Full HD)


Candee Licious can usually only be satisfied by the biggest schlongs, but caught in the position of being without a cock to please her horny little cunny the blonde always turns to her favorite giant black baton. Dressed in her police uniform, this cutie with the booty will take her big black disciplinary toy to her crotch as we watch and ogle her and the sexy police academy moves she uses on her muff. This college grad who’s moved onto civil servant training would surely be a welcome treat to find yourself being handcuffed by. Her uniform is a little different than the rest in the best ways – mini-skirt, lingerie, high heels, and black lacy thigh highs is how she goes out on patrol; She’s the whole cos-play cop fantasy come alive before our eyes! Check it out as the blue eyed babe takes her disciplinary tools to her glistening shaved pussy and punishes herself with pleasure, just the way she likes it. She’ll have you racing down to the station requesting probation!

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