FiLF – Jane Wilde


Starring the stunning Jane Wilde and Romeo Price; Dick ain’t working? Happens to the best of us. But you do realize that it can still work even though you can’t get it up anymore? That’s why Jane’s father asked for a salesman to come over to his house and sell him the product that could change his sex life for the better. Romeo arrives at the door for his meeting but is surprisingly greeted by a beautiful young brunette…

Curious about what his father’s meeting is all about, she asks politely in which he replies that he sells “Male enhancement products”. Her curiosity levels are now peaking. She has to know what her father is planning on buying. She convinces the salesman to come indoors to explain what his products are all about, claiming that she is very close to her father and that she needs to know if this product is right for him. Sitting down in the office, Romeo proceeds to explain all the benefits of BlueChew. A bit disgusted to realize that dick pills were what her father was looking to buy, she asks to see proof of the product’s viability. Showing her a binder with pictures of before/after pictures, she’s still not convinced. At least, that’s what the salesman thinks. She’s visibly turned on and wants to play a little game with this incredibly handsome older man. She needs hard proof, and by hard proof, she means that the salesman has to take that little chewable wonder and show her the results. Once his cock is engorged with blood and ready to pound anything in sight, she gets down on her knees. What else could she do with this big meaty cock than ram it the furthest she can down her throat and ride it like there’s no tomorrow. Guess her father will be happy to know that this amazing product is working like a charm.

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