Lena Love & Zoe Doll (HD)


Sweet but not quite innocent maid Zoe Doll spies on her mistress, busty Lena Love, as she takes a shower. That night she masturbates as she thinks about what she saw. In the morning, Lena makes Zoe put on a maid’s uniform, admiring how she looks in it and then kissing her. Zoe responds eagerly as Lena pushes her to her knees, licking her clit until she comes with a gasp. Lena undresses Zoe, eating her in doggy position and then fingering her ass to push her over the edge. She lies back and Zoe licks and finger-bangs her until she orgasms again; Zoe then straddles her face and rides to another climax of her own. It’s the first stage in this horny maid’s initiation, and later as Lena instructs her to spread oil over her breasts while she’s in the bathtub, it’s clear there is plenty more sexy fun to come.

HD | MPEG-4 | 810 MB | 00:26:40