Lyen Parker (HD)


Lyen in her lovely seamed stockings
So, as you can see, my husband has decided that Lyen is indeed looking so beautiful and so sexy in her lovely seamed stockings that he too must well, get his trousers off, jump in, his dick sucked and fuck 2 gorgeous pussies! I thought this was a great idea. I love having fun with the girls on my own, but I love sharing with Jim. I think this is a lot of couples fantasy too and we’re showing just how fun things can be. I love watching this back and seeing Lyens face smiling as I talk to her while she’s being fucked and when she helps the cock into me so I can fuck it too, it really is just a spur of the moment thing, not a directed scene or a decision we made before hand to do it this way. As the fun draws to a close, I wank Jims cock off into both mine and Lyens mouth. We snowball the cum between us and then crawl up to the camera on our…

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