MistressEzada presents Mistress Ezada Sinn in Not worthy to worship My feet yet


The key to My slave’s chastity device is on My anklet. he is drawn to it, dreaming of being unlocked. When I order him to kiss My shoe, he cannot help but move up My foot to My ankle, to at least touch the so much desired key. But he’s not allowed to, all he can worship now is My shoes. he doesn’t even deserve to touch Me, he should be thankful for being allowed to worship My shoes. That is his place, under My shoes, kissing and licking them. he was born to serve Women like Me, he is no good for anything else, he needs Me to take total control over him and guide his life. To train him to be a better person and slave. But first, he has to learn, under My supervision, how to use best his lips and tongue on My shoes.

Duration: 00:08:19

Resolution: 1280×720

Format: MPEG-4