Mylf X James Deen – Ash Hollywood

Mylf X James Deen - Ash Hollywood

James Deen and Ash Hollywood proves that there is life after a party, a much exciting one for them in fact. They step into the house then to the lounge which would serve as a witness of their hot, wild night. Kissing sparks something more steamy. While Ash sits on his lap, James plants kisses from her mouth down to nipples while his hand travels, caresses every part it lands on. From her great ass to her pussy, James makes sure that every touch excites her nerves...

James gets rid of his coat and dress shirt, leaving his pants on. He leans down and kisses every part of Ash including her toes. She sits on top of him and returns the favor by having a taste of his toes. His hands reaches for the wet part between her legs and finger fucks it. With his bottom clothing removed, James joins Ash on the couch, his hand playing on the most sensitive part of her womanhood. Unable to resist the urge of stretching her pussy walls with his cock, he enters her cunt while kissing her on the mouth. Lifting her leg allows him more access to heaven. It's now Ash's turn to please him with her mouth. He moves down to his crotch and give his big dick a lick before shoving it down her mouth and throat. She gets back on top of him and rides him. While she likes to take control, James is way rougher than she thinks. They did different positions where James could show exactly what it means to be rough and be in control at the same time. Ash loves every moment of it though. She can't not enjoy having her pussy eaten, so doing oral on James is her way of showing she gives pleasure for pleasure. Feeling his orgasm nearing its peak, James makes Ash kneel on the floor. She gives him a head and receives his cum all over her face.

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