Pascals Sub Sluts – Kitten


You can sum up Kitten with something that happened off-camera with us the day she came back to shoot her second scene. We were working in a hotel room and a guy knocks on the door, an Eastern European in his thirties, saying he wanted to measure the carpet, It’ll just take a minute, he says. (Weird right? I still haven’t worked it out.) So he comes in and gets down on his knees with his tape measure. Kitten is sitting at the desk, all made up, hair ready, wearing her lingerie and suspenders and fuck-me heels…

I tell her to get up and present herself to the guy and she does. I ask him what he thinks of her. He’s very complimentary. I tell her to turn round and show him her ass. She does. Then I tell her to sit back down. I wanted to push it further, I felt I could, but I didn’t because it could have been an almighty fuck-up and I could have upset her. But it turns out my instinct was right. To find out how far I could have gone, check out what she’s got to say about it at the end of her interview. The lady is such a fucking tramp.

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