Playboy Plus – Nyla


Take in the view with newcomer Nyla. On location in Phoenix, Arizona, with the photographer Madeline Northway, Nyla makes a stylish debut on Playboy Plus. “I remember always hearing about the influential women who’ve modeled for Playboy,” says Nyla of growing up. “I so badly wanted to be one of those badass, beautiful, confident women!” Now that’s she’s here, this model, student, and content creator is ready for her close-up. “I love posing nude,” says Nyla. “The expression of the nude body is so versatile and telling. I could choose a hundred different nude poses, and they’ll all have different energies.” For Nyla, being one with her surroundings is essential. “What makes me ‘me’ is my ability to understand living things and maintain value for an earthly, humane lifestyle.” Needless to say, Nyla loves to be in nature. “My superpower would be shapeshifting,” she says. “I would like to turn into various animals and see through their perspective!” Get to know more about Nyla here on Playboy Plus.