Rebel Rhyder (Full HD)

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There’s face fucking, and then there’s brutal face fucking while tied upside down over a hard school desk for close to an hour. Before she conquered Assylum, Rebel submitted her mouth and throat to Dr. Mercies here on Slavemouth, and this is the moment when he understood what a precocious masochist she really is. We don’t usually like things to get too disgusting, but in this session we let Rebel puke away, because if we didn’t we would likely have let her down. Of course, you’ll find lots of deep ass eating here as well, along with some spanking and some cruel icing on the cake at the end. This session was a hard one, and yet we fully expect Rebel to return for much harder challenges.

Full HD | MPEG-4 | 2.39 GB | 00:41:37