Savannah C’s 2nd Gloryhole Visit (Full HD)


Happy New Year everyone! I normally release new updates on Friday but I thought it would be cool to give you guys Savannah early to kick off 2014. This is going to be a good year!

As soon as I saw Savannah for the first time I knew she was going to be popular with you guys so that’s why I already took her for several visits to the Gloryhole. She loves getting fucked but worshiping cock with her mouth is her true passion so I’m doing my best to satisfy her craving for cock and cum.

You can always tell a girl is really into sucking cock when she gives one of those slow, wet and sensual blowjobs. She’s taking her time to savor every moment before getting her prize at the end. Licking fingers clean of cum is another telltale sign which Savannah does very well and enjoys every drop that’s fed to her.

Several things impressed me right away about this hot new cock sucker. One is the way she’s able to balance a load of cum on her tongue as it’s pooling up while she’s draining the balls dry. This is not something most girls do on a regular basis but Savannah nailed it. The other is her ability to take a deepthroat cumshot. You can clearly see that the cock is pumping a load right down her throat and she takes it like a champ. She was obviously taught how to deepthroat by someone with experience because she knows that sticking her tongue out while going deep on a shaft allows her mouth to go all the way down to the balls.

I don’t recommend that girls go bareback at the Gloryhole but some girls get so horny that they fearlessly jump right on any cock. Savannah was trying to let a guy fuck her through the Gloryhole but couldn’t quite get the angle so she went into his booth and let him pound that wet pussy skin on skin! That’s one wet and juicy pussy so any guy that’s lucky enough to put his cock in her won’t last long.

The final test of a cum slut is if she can milk a load of cum into her hand and lick it up clean. Let me just tell you that Savannah is a true cock worshiping cum slut!

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