Summer, Lara Latex – Jim & Lara’s Day Off (HD)


After weeks of non stop fucking Lara and I decided we need a day off. We thought of all our possible options for a bit of R&R ranging from visiting Gnome World to The Pork Pie Experience but in the end decided we’d stay in and get the lovely, blonde, Summer over for a frantic threesome. Being game for some fun she didn’t blink an eyelid when Lara suggested that they both dress up as sexy schoolgirls and indulge in some sexy lesbo frolics in front of me. Naturally I captured the depravity on my camcorder until I could take no more and decided to get the girls to suck my cock, which they did with gusto! They then both got on their hands and knees on the sofa and insisted that I fuck them in turn .How could I refuse such a request? Anyway, we carried on like this until my arm tired of holding the camcorder, so we all jumped into bed and carr…

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