Teeny Taboo – Stella Sedona

Teeny Taboo - Stella Sedona

When Stella tries to save some money by staying at a strangers house while traveling, she tells him that her money is running out and that she will have to end her traveling soon. He decides to see if she wants to make a deal to earn some extra traveling money by getting his cock wet. After she gets over her shock, she decides that this would be a good deal for her, and starts sucking his dick. From that point she is all in, and lets him do pretty much what he wants, and it turns out she is a bit of a cum freak so she asks him to put his load inside her tight teen pussy. He loves this and of course empties his balls inside her and watches it slowly leak out of her. She will be staying for a while, and when she leaves she will have plenty of money to continue her travels.