The Life Erotic – Gabriella Lati


Smoldering-hot brunette Gabriella Lati is in her candlelit bathroom – where the action soon takes a very kinky turn. First, we find her spinning a Wartenberg pinwheel against her tongue, shaved pussy, perfect breasts and other parts of her naked body, teasing herself with the spikes. Then she attaches clamps to her nipples, connected with a chain – she tugs on this, moaning as she stretches her flesh…

She massages her globes, then pulls the clamps free, letting out a cry as sensation returns to her nipples. Next, she takes the candle and drips hot wax on the sensitive nubs of flesh. Moving to the bath, she kneels, caressing a sucker-base dildo stuck to the side of the tub. She strokes the pink, cock-shaped length with her hands, then licks and sucks on it, taking it deep inside of her throat. One hand reaches between her thighs and, as she fingers her pussy and clit, her moans are muffled by the toy. With the dildo now stuck to the bottom of the tub she sits back and rides it, taking the shaft inside of her snatch right down to the balls. She grinds on it hard, fingering her clit, the girth stretching her wide and the shaft glistening wet with her juices. Then she uses it as a hand-dildo, pumping it in and out and churning it around. Finally, she switches on the shower, and aims the jets of water at her pussy. As she fingers her clit, her loud moans turn to frenzied screams and she cums hard, keeping the spray on her slit to tease out every last drop of orgasmic pleasure as the picture fades.

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