The Life Erotic – Lil Karla


Cute blonde Lil Karla is dressed for fetish fun in an elegant black bunny mask, but her white-lace bra, matching thong panties and barely there makeup betray a craving to keep things simple. There will be little or no kink this time – all she wants to do is cum. As she admires herself in a full-length mirror and caresses her curves through her underwear, a large, real-look sucker-base dildo is shown, stuck to the stark white wall behind her. Soon, she turns her attentions to the mock-cock: she strokes and jerks the shaft as she licks and sucks on the ridged head…

After performing a slow strip to expose small, perfect breasts, little puffy nipples and a smooth-shaved pussy, Lil Karla unmasks. Naked, she kneels on her bed, head-down doggy-style, then inserts the toy into her wet pussy and plows it in and out. Cheeks splayed, her asshole looks temptingly tight above her stretched snatch as she pumps the toy harder and faster. Next, she lies on her back, thighs splayed, and fingers her clit as the dildo penetrates her even deeper.

As she sticks it to the wall then rocks and grinds her pussy against it, her breath comes in short, gasping sighs, punctuated by moans as her orgasm draws closer. Grabbing her breasts, she whimpers with pleasure – which she decides will be given as well as taken.

With the dildo once again stuck to the wall at face level, she jacks and sucks on it, relishing the flavor of her own pussy juices. Her free hand frigs her slit to the brink and, as she cums, she squeezes the toy. This treats her to the ultimate sweet surprise – the dildo spurts a huge load of thick, creamy spunk into her mouth. She lets it run down her chin and rubs it over her face as she kisses the toy and plays the tip of it over her rosy lips…

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