The Life Erotic – Rubi


Indoors alone on a beautiful sunny day, sizzling-hot Hispanic brunette Rubi is keeping herself amused. Shoeless in fishnet stockings and lingerie, she gyrates seductively and flaunts her stunning curves. As she thrusts her bubble butt up and back, her mesh-clad pussy peeks out between her splayed cheeks.

Next, she lights a couple candles on her large dining table and stretches out along the smooth wood surface. She caresses her thighs, snapping her stocking tops against them. Then she turns her attentions to the toys she has lined up to play with – a small black leather flogger and a spiked Wartenberg pinwheel…

She selects the wheel and rolls it over her skin like a spur – it does no damage, but it sparks pleasurable sensations. Lying back, she plays it over her legs and belly, then her crotch and feet – her cute toes and trimmed pussy are tantalizingly visible through the net. She traces it over a sole, then takes off her bra, flashing hairy unshaved underarms as she bares her perky breasts.

She circles her puffy, brown nipples with the wheel, teasing them stiff. Then she massages her globes as she pulls her panty-crotch tight into her slit and begins to masturbate. As her fingers work their magic, she runs the wheel over her body. Then she yanks her underwear aside and uses both hands to rub her dark-lipped pussy.

Moaning and writhing on the tabletop, her tits quiver as her body goes into spasm, on the edge of cumming. Then she orgasms hard. She remains on the table for a few moments, in a state of bliss, then blows out the candles just before the picture fades…

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