Valory Irene – The Perfect Bride (Full HD)

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"Some men like me for my breasts, some like me for my ass, but I prefer men who like me for me," said Valory Irene who was ready for her wedding in this scene. Fortunately for us, the groom didn't show up. "I love cooking for a man. I'm kind. I'm a good person, I think. Of course, maybe it is not good to talk about myself like that and say that I am a good person, but I think I treat men good. I give my warmth to them." It's always warm in the Caribbean. Warmer with Valory around. "I'd like to have sex under a palm tree, as long as no coconuts fall on my head! But I am a romantic. I like when a man surprises me and takes his time to do special things for me." .

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