Vanessa Y (HD)


Notice anything different about Vanessa? Few models have generated as much commentary and as much controversy as Vanessa in her original appearances. Her thick bush was the centerpiece of it all. Now it’s gone in this video and pictorial, Vanessa’s latest.

“Most European women don’t remove their pussy hair like American women,” Vanessa said. “I just wanted a cleaner look and a better feeling so that is why I trimmed mine very short. I don’t think I will ever have that much hair again.”

But more importantly, Vanessa’s boobs are much bigger and her body is curvier too. She’s like another model we know who went from an E-cup to a G and recently returned to Scoreland. How did this happen?

The answer is something no one would have guessed. Vanessa said she stopped smoking cigarettes. Within a few months of not smoking, Vanessa’s breasts began to grow. We know that medically, smoking causes boobs to sag. It seems that there’s some research that correlates quitting smoking with breast tissue increase. Whatever the reason, tit’s good news.

Vanessa now plays with her jiggling jugs a lot. Her hands spend a lot of time on her boobs even when the camera’s off. The photographer noticed this.

Vanessa spends a lot of time on her boobs in this video and when her fingers are not squeezing her big boobs, they’re opening and rubbing her lady parts in hot female masturbation action.

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