Viv Thomas – Subil Arch & Kate Quinn

Viv Thomas - Subil Arch & Kate Quinn

Cute brunette Kate Quinn is lying on her bed, masturbating while watching a movie, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Someone’s Horny" begins. She stops abruptly when she hears her gorgeous girlfriend Subil Arch enter the apartment, and straddles Subil’s lap to kiss her seductively. Soon they are both topless as Kate sucks her sweetheart’s big breasts, and Subil reciprocates eagerly, licking the pigtailed babe’s nipples and pulling down her booty-hugging shorts. She eases her fingers into Kate’s pussy for her to ride, driving her to boiling point before licking her to the powerful string of orgasms she’s been craving. Now Subil moves astride Kate’s face and grinds energetically, then lies back as Kate laps at her clit while fingering her to a mindblowing climax.